Biography-James Loving

James Loving is a Former Professional American Football Player who played receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. After graduating from Alan B. Shepard High School in 1984, Loving had a steller collegiate career playing 2 years at Santa Rosa Jr. College (84-86) in California then at the University of Wyoming (86-88). He was drafted in 1988 to the Canadian League (the British Columbian team) before being asked to sign with the Eagles that same year. He played 2 years with the Eagles before ending his NFL playing career due to a major knee injury.

In 1994 he and a few of his fellow former NFL buddies put on a football camp in Wyoming called “The Double Day Football Camp”. It was a huge success.

He has dedicated his life to empowering the Inner City Youths by motivating them and giving them hope for a better future and assuring them that there are so many avenues that they can use to achieve their life goals. He does this by working hard to develop and implement programs such as football camps and other educational and social events designed to teach the fundamentals and build self confidence. Besides his camps and other Philanthropy work, he also gives back by volunteering and donating time to “The Right Star Outreach Center” owned and managed by his mother in Robbins, Illinois.

He appeared on the Ray Ellis sports show to discuss the NFL draft and other sports topics. The interview went so well that he was asked to host his own sports radio talk show. “Loving that Sport Talk” which is now a huge success on VoiceAmerica.

Over the past months he has thrown several successful charity events and is now working on his newest projects. His motivational speaking has made huge positive impacts on his audiences. Join James in his quest to make a positive difference for our youth by making a donation to his organization.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Looking Back, Moving Forward!

I have been busy and neglecting my fan page and I apologize for the lack of updates. Thanks for being patient and sticking with me.

Well, here I am.  I have been in Chicago helping with charity events. 

I'm gearing up for the next season of football camps and motivational speeches.  If you are ready to book an event, contact me at

Inspirational words today come from the great Abraham Lincoln...“I do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.”  Keep those words in mind and keep pushing forward to your goals and your dreams. If one door shuts, another will open. You have to have drive, ambition, and guts. And try. You have to try.

Leave a good mark on the Earth. Be a good person.'s a little look back in time (click on Wyoming Cowboys 1987) to many years ago when I played college football. Remember...never forget where you come from...


On another note, is football season here yet? LOL. I'm SO ready!